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Home Blogs Ceiling Fans Finding the Perfect Ceiling Fan: Best Brands in India Unveiled

Finding the Perfect Ceiling Fan: Best Brands in India Unveiled

Perfect Ceiling Fan

The Perfect Ceiling Fan

When it comes to finding the perfect ceiling fan in India, several brands stand out for their quality, durability, and performance.

Choosing the perfect ceiling fan depends on various factors including your room size, budget, design preferences, and desired features, blade size, rpm, power saving and more.

Below are some considerations to help you find the ideal ceiling fan:

Size and Blades of Ceiling Fans

Ensure the fan’s blade size is appropriate for your room size. For example, smaller rooms (up to 140 square feet) generally require fans with blade spans of 48 inches or less, while larger rooms (Above 250 square feet) may need fans with blade spans of 52 inches, 56 Inches, 60 Inches.

Number of Blades also matters for suitable ceiling fans. In the Indian Market, Most of the ceiling fan brands like SUJATA, GM, USHA, KUHL, HAVELLS offer the perfect ceiling fan with 3 blades or 4 Blades. Many of them like KUHL offer the ceiling fan with 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 blades and also in ABS Material. Larger the room required more blades and vice versa.

Ceiling Height where ceiling fan installed

If you have low ceilings, opt for a flush mount or low-profile ceiling fan to maximize headroom. For higher ceilings, you can choose a fan with an extended down rod. For a low ceiling fan Sujata Ceiling Fan is the best ceiling fan. For double height ceiling means, 12 feet or more ceiling height, models of KUHL Ceiling Fan like Platin and Luxus model are perfect ceiling fans suitable for the living space.

Design of ceiling fan

Consider the aesthetics of the fan and how it complements your room decor. Ceiling fans come in various styles such as contemporary, traditional, rustic, and modern.

From the image below we can get an idea about the installation. Following image consider calculation of standard room size – 150 – 200 Squares feet.

Motor Material

Look for fans with high-quality motors that provide quiet operation and long-lasting performance. Energy-efficient DC motors are a popular choice due to their quiet operation and energy savings. Also customers have to check if the winding material is copper then the durability of the motor is long. But if there is aluminum winding then the durability of the motor is short and maybe more serviceable after 3 to 4 years.

Material of ceiling fan blades

Blades can be made of materials like wood, ABS or metal. Choose blades with an appropriate pitch for optimal air movement and efficiency. Aerodynamic blades or wide angle blades give more air delivery. KUHL fans uses ABS material for its designers luxury ceiling fans.

Ceiling fan with light

Some ceiling fans like KUHL come with integrated light kits, while others allow you to add a light kit separately. Consider whether you need lighting and choose accordingly.

Power Saver

Look for fans with the BEE STAR RATING label, which indicates they meet strict energy efficiency criteria set by the Government of India. The BEE star rating fans help to save electricity, reduce carbon emissions, and contribute to making the environment green. Ceiling fans brands like SUJATA, GM, KUHL and more come with BEE STAR RATING LABEL.

Warranty of ceiling fan

Consider reputable brands like SUJATA, GM, KUHL known for producing high-quality ceiling fans with good customer service and warranty coverage 5 Years and 3 Years. And also purchase from reputed websites and marketplaces like ELECTROHAAT and more.


Set a budget and explore options within your price range. Remember to consider long-term energy savings and durability when evaluating the overall value Like ELECTROHAAT offers quality ceiling fans with company warranty.

Purchase Ceiling Fan Online

Purchasing a ceiling fan online can be convenient and websites like ELECTROHAAT offers you access to a wide range of options with quality models of the perfect ceiling fans for your home.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the purpose of a ceiling fan?

Ceiling fans are designed to circulate air in a room, creating a cooling effect in the summer and helping to distribute warm air evenly during the winter.

How do ceiling fans work?

Ceiling fans work by rotating blades that push air downward in a counter-clockwise direction during the summer to create a cooling breeze. In the winter, they can be reversed to rotate clockwise, which helps to push warm air trapped near the ceiling down into the room.

What size ceiling fan do I need for my room?

The size of the room will determine the appropriate size of the ceiling fan. Measure the square footage of your room and then choose a fan with an appropriate blade span. Generally, rooms under 150 square feet need a fan with a blade span of 48 inches, while rooms over 225 square feet may require a fan with a blade span of 50 / 52 inches or more. KUHL and SUJATA ceiling fans have size selection.

How do I install a ceiling fan?

Ceiling fan installation involves several steps, including mounting the fan bracket to the ceiling, wiring the fan, attaching the blades, and connecting the light fixture (if applicable). It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and, if necessary, consult a professional electrician for installation. But when you buy a product from ELECTROHAAT, they give free installation on Luxury Ceiling Fans Models.

Can I use a ceiling fan outdoors?

Yes, there are ceiling fans specifically designed for outdoor use. These fans are constructed with materials that can withstand exposure to moisture and humidity. Make sure to choose an outdoor-rated fan for use in covered porches, patios, or other outdoor spaces.

Are there energy-efficient ceiling fan options available?

Yes, many ceiling fans are ENERGY STAR certified, which means they meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the Government Of India. We already mentioned ceiling fan brands like SUJATA, KUHL come with BEE STAR RATING.

How do I troubleshoot common ceiling fan problems?

Buy Ceiling Fans from  WWW.ELECTROHAAT.COM, we promise you that you don’t need to repair ceiling fans. Because we offer quality ceiling fans besides these if any troubleshoot happens service team are at the field for you. So no need to worry about it.

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